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International Photographic Art Exhibition

The 13th Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition


Its the project sponsored by Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation


1.Director of Judging Committee

Mr. Mu Duanzheng  

Vice President of Shanghai Federation of Art and Literature Circle, President of Shanghai Photographers Association


2.Vice Director of Judging Committee

Mr. Yong He

Vice President of China Photographers Association, Vice President of Shanghai Photographers Association


3.Judging Committee ListIn orders of strokes of Chinese name characters




Mr. Le Weixing

Vice President,Secretary-General of Anhui Province Photographers Association


Mr. Wu Jiukang

Member of the Presidium of Shanghai Photographers Association

Vice Secretary-general of Shanghai Collection Association


Mr. Ioannis Lykouris

Secretary-General of FIAP


Mr. Jon Golden

Member of the Board of Amazon Aid Foundation, Co-Founder of Look3 Photography Festival


Mr. Li Ge  

Vice President of China Photographers Association, Director of Photography Department of People's Daily



Mr. Yang Yuanchang

Artistic Director of Shanghai Photography Magazine


Mr. Jin Hongwei

Photography Collector, President of French SIPA Pictures





Mrs. Michelle Bogre

Professor of Photography Department of Parsons School of Design

Mrs. Chen Xiaobo

Presiding Editor of Xinhua News Agency, Vice President of Images Copyright Society of China


Mrs. Claudia Hinterseer

Multimedia Project Manager of China Daily(Asia), Founder of Noor Images


Mr. Chang He

Vice President of Shanghai Photographers Association, Vice Chief-Editor of Paper News


Mr. Yong He

Vice President of China Photographers Association,Vice President of Shanghai Photographers Association




Mr. Wang Dajun

Vice President of China Photographers Association,President of Sichuan Province Photographers Association


Mr. Wang Chen

Executive President,Secretary-General( Shenzhen) of Entrepreneurs Photography Association


Mr.Michael Timmons

President of Professional Photographers Association of America


Mr.Lin Lu

Vice President of Shanghai Photographers Association, Professsor of Shanghai Normal University


Mr.Ed Robinson

Director of Professional Photographers Association of Britain



4.Rules of Contribution

1)The exhibition is open to the photographers and amateur photographers worldwide. The contributors must abide by the rules made by organizing committee of the exhibition.

2)The exhibition has three sections of Open,Photojournalism and Advertise photos for free option of contributors. One contributor could choose more sections for his works, however, one photo (group) cannot be submitted to different sections.

3)No restriction over theme and style. Not more than 4 photos (groups) for one contributor in one section. A group includes 4 - 12 pieces of photos. No limit in number of sections selected by the contributor.

4)All photos submitted must be completed by the contributor independently. The contributor owns independent, complete, clear, un-disputed copyright and ensures no infringement on copyright, right of portrait, right of reputation, privacy and other legitimate rights and interests of any third party.Exhibition host has no responsibility in case of the contributor has illegal activities.

5)Except for pre-declaration and written consent of the organizers , the contributors are deemed to acknowledge that: the contributor holds the copyright of all contribution; the organizer reserves the right to reproduce all or part of the contribution for permanent exhibition, or published freely in the media for publicity of the photographic art exhibition, including online display of image.

6) The submitted photos which having very sensitive content (e.g. bloody nature kills,frontal nudity and in violation of the law, morality, public order or customs, etc) are unacceptable by the exhibition.

7)Each photo (group) submitted should be judged by the appraisal committee.

8)The acceptance works list will be sent to FIAP, PSA and RPS for statistics of accumulated scores of Star Rating/Who's Who.Each contributor whose works awarded and accepted in the Exhibition will receive a catalog of works via email or post.

9)The awards works of Open Section in this exhibition will be credited to Open(Color) Section of FIAP, RPS and Open(color) Section of Projected Image Division of PSA; The awards works of Photojournalism Section in this exhibition will be credited to Photojournalism Section of FIAP,RPS and PSA; The awards works of Advertise Section in this exhibition will be credited to Advertise Section of FIAP(Theme), RPS(Special) and Theme(Color) Section of Projected Image Division of PSA.

10)The contributor must register in http://www.shphoto.com.cn/exhibition and fill in Form of Exhibition. The title shall be in both English and Chinese language.

11)Photos awarded and accepted regardless of changing titles,conventing colors etc in the past international photographic art exhibitions held by Shanghai Photographers Association and any exhibition recognized by FIAP, PSA and RPS are unacceptable.

12)The awarded and accepted photos will be openly exhibited in Shanghai from Dec. 7 to Dec. 11, 2016 and showed at the website of Shanghai Photographers Association at the same time.

13)All entries shall conform to the stricter of these rules above for acceptances to be validated by FIAP, PSA and RPS granting recognition or patronage.

14)The host of the Exhibition has the final right of explanations for the rules.



5.Definition of Section


This section includes the works which express aesthetic interest and subject emotion but not limit to humanity, cultural landscape, folk customs, person, still life, animals and plants, it can also includes creative images, conceptual images, experimental images, etc. No restriction over techniques and skills.


This section includes the works that record social life, natural environment, folk customs and others objectively. It covers news photography, special report photography, social documentary photography, natural documentary photography, etc. No addition or deletion is allowed in the original photo. Except for proper adjustment over chiaroscuro and color, in post production, objective and realistic nature of the subject should be ensured. It is allowed to change image color into black and white (including monochrome) as a whole (not locally). Each photo (group) should be described briefly ( within 100 words, including time, place, event and other key points).


This section includes the works for promoting a commodity, service or consumption style, including but not limited to commercial advertising, portrait, fashion show, metropolitan construction, etc. No restriction over techniques and skills. All the images and elements should be created by the photographer individually.


6.Requirements of Submission

Log in homepage of Shanghai Photographers Association(www.shphoto.com.cn). Enter the specific zone of 2016 Shanghai International Photography Festival and the 13th Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition. Follow tips, register and fill in relevant information, pay fees and upload works as required. Only electronic files(original or scanning digital picture files)are acceptable to the exhibition. The file format should be JPEG with the longest side of 2400 pixels at maximum, not less than 300dpi.

Each image must have a unique title. Words such as Untitledand No Titleare not acceptable as part or all of an images title, nor are camera capture filenames or titles consisting of only numbers.No title or identification of the maker shall be written anywhere on the face of an image.No photographer name and other related information display in the images titles.


7.Contribute Explanation

All entry need to register online and fill information in the form.

Data for online registration should be authentic.

Online Registration, Contribution and Payment are adopted in the Exhibition. The Committee is entitled to not appraise photos if entry fee is not paid sufficiently. If you have any problem, please contact us by Email: exhibition@shphoto.com.cn or by Tel: +86 21 62484702-12, we will try our best to help you.

Online Registration, Electronic Contribution and Payment:



8.Entry Fee

Section      Overseas, Taiwan,Hong Kong and Macau   Mainland China

Open             US$7.00                          RMB20.00

Photojournalism    US$7.00                          RMB20.00

Advertise       US$7.00                          RMB20.00


9.Instruction on Entry Fee:

If the entrant attends more sections, 1USD or 5 CNY can be deduced for each additional section. Entry Fee should be paid by online registration (Paypal or Alipay). Personal check and draft are unacceptable because of the bank's high procedure fee for the foreign currency exchange.


10.Display Equipments of Judging:

PC Display Monitors & High Definition TVs.



11.Exhibition Schedule

Deadline of Contribution Sep.9.2016

Works Judging         Sep.15-17.2016

Result Announcement Sep.30.2016

Opening Ceremony    Feb.28.2017

Public Exhibition    Feb.28-Mar.5.2017

Deliver of Exhibited Photo List May 2017

​Our photography festival was postponed to March,2017.

​ Now we are packing,but there are more than 4000 people who need to post and our staff is only a few people,so this is a huge work.We are sorry and please wait patiently.

It is expected to send Photo List at May 2017)






13.There is no theme for this exhibition, all kinds of photos are welcomed.  


14.Organized by:

Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Shanghai Photographers Association (SPAC)



Tel : 86-21-62484702    

Fax: 86-21-62486225

Email: exhibition@shphoto.com.cn