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International Photographic Art Exhibition

    14thShanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition


Contribution InvitedType:

This exhibition nowinvite works showing and recording change of life and development of ShanghaiCity happened in the past forty years, includingtouching and memorablehumanities, emotions, events and sceneries.Seeing big changes and more and moreprosperous life of people in past forty years through small subjects, you canselect your themes from different points and levels, such like old tickets,Shanghai lanes, family photos, old matrimonial home, old kitchen, time-honoredbrand, telecommunication facilities, etc. The comparison between news and olds istobe presented by documentary, creative or idealistic ways.


The contributed worksinclude but not limited to the followings:

1.      Daily life:ceremonies and festivals, daily diet, furnishing and decoration, neighborlyrelations, clothing and fashion, art and culture;

2.      Urbanlandscape: buildings, environments, roads, bridges, commercial facilities,streetscapes, etc.;

3.      Importantevents: important events occurred during the past forty years of Shanghai’sreforming and opening-up;

4.      Famouscharacters: who has contributed to construction of Shanghai City;

5.      Family photos:historic families’ photos;

6.      Time-honored brand:centuried and lasting famous business name, brand or culture;

7.      Change oftechnology: household electric appliance, vehicles, communication equipment andother things closely related to development and change of technology;

8.      Manufacturingindustry: hard struggling course of cottoncracy, steel, chemical, shipbuilding,aviation, spaceflight and other industries;

9.     Others.


DeadlineJuly 15th,2018


Contribution Invited Rules:

1. This exhibition is solicitingand collecting works from all photographers and shutterbugs home and abroad inpublic.

2. Please log in www.shphoto.com.cn/exhibition and submityour works in the special section of “14th Shanghai InternationalPhotography Art Exhibition”. Your work must be tilted in Chinese or in English.All works must be attached with narrative statement within 300 words,explaining key points, such as time, place and event, to keep to the point of exhibition.Name and contact of the author should not be added in the statement.

3. We are collecting photographyworks (in group) or multimedia works. At most, every contributor can submit tenworks separately for photography and multimedia works (2-12 photos in one groupcount one). The theme must be kept to the subject. No limitation on style, filmingequipment, colors (chromatic and monochrome).


Description of Contributed Works

1)    Photographs: refer to static photography works,including news-related, thematic, reportorial, creative, presentational and experimentalworks, without any limitation on literary techniques. However, images alteredfrom 3D creation and digital drawings will not be accepted. The long side ofyour photo shall be not smaller than 3000 pixels (JPEG, not smaller than 8 ifcompressed and saved in Photoshop, not smaller than 300DPI). If your work isscanned or copied from old photos, you should provide the original copy toorganizing commission as requirement.

2)    Multimedia works: refer to combination of staticand dynamic images, accompanied by audio, special effect or other audio-visualart mediums, which should focus on innovativeness, artistry, and sociality, andexplore new form of expression. The mins of your work shall be no longer than10 minutes, Windows system compatible, 720P and MPEG4 (H.264 coding).


Selection Rules:

Members of 2018 ShanghaiInternational Photograph Festival Art Council will be invited to be theselection commission to choose out the top 300 works.